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About: Wasseem Khayrattee

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Wasseem Khayrattee, a leading figure in the world of web development and technology, is known for his remarkable contributions to the tech industry. Born and raised on the picturesque island of Mauritius, Wasseem has cultivated a career marked by innovation, leadership, and an unwavering commitment to the global web development community.

Wasseem Khayrattee, also known as 7PHP to his online peers, is a multifaceted professional who has made remarkable strides in the tech industry. As a seasoned podcaster, blogger and interviewer, he has engaged in conversations with eminent figures such as Darren Rowse, John Chow, David Heinemeier Hansson, Matthew Weier O'Phinney, Derick Rethans, Ben Ramsey, and even the official PHP Foundation Team featuring Joe Watkins, Sarah Golemon, and Sebastian Bergmann. His insightful discussions and interviews have illuminated the PHP community, making him a respected voice in the field.

In addition to his podcasting and interviewing endeavors, Wasseem Khayrattee has received widespread recognition for his contributions. Notably, his expertise and insights have garnered attention from the global PHP community.

Furthermore, Wasseem Khayrattee's impact extends to the pages of the renowned PHP[architect] magazine, where he was featured in their November 2021 edition. His expertise and thought leadership were also showcased in an illuminating interview with HostNOC, a prominent IT infrastructure company. Moreover, he delivered a captivating online talk titled "The Fellowship Of The PHP Community (Comference 2021)" at the esteemed Comference, an online PHP conference.

Early Life and Education

The journey of Wasseem Khayrattee in the realm of information technology began with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Information Technology from the University of Mauritius. His educational foundation laid the groundwork for a career characterized by continuous learning and achievement.

Professional Journey

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Wasseem Khayrattee's professional journey is a testament to his versatility and technical acumen. He is widely acknowledged as a "WordPress Hosting Maestro," a title that reflects his exceptional skills in WordPress development and managed hosting solutions. His expertise has powered the successful launch of two e-commerce platforms, empowering users to customize t-shirts and polo shirts online.

One of Wasseem Khayrattee's most distinguished roles is his current position as a Senior WordPress Developer at Ringier, where he has been the driving force behind scalable and efficient WordPress solutions across global brands. His responsibilities encompass architectural design, custom plugin development, API integrations, and SEO optimization. Notably, he has also played a pivotal role in automating deployment workflows and configuring server infrastructure.

Contributions to the Community

Wasseem Khayrattee's contributions extend far beyond his professional endeavors. He is renowned as the Founder and Editor in Chief of 7php.com, a platform that hosts insightful interviews with luminaries and entities within the PHP ecosystem. Through 7php.com, he has enriched the PHP community with valuable insights and knowledge.

In addition to his work at 7php.com, Wasseem Khayrattee is the Founder and Enabler of PHP Mauritius User Group, a pivotal community initiative. This user group, driven by passion, has played a vital role in promoting the PHP programming language within the Mauritian culture.

Awards and Recognitions

Wasseem Khayrattee proudly holds the esteemed title of "Art Logo competition Laureat", awarded by FAPEC at a very young age, back in 1998.

Wasseem was acknowledged by the PHP community for his contributions to PHP TestFest 2017 and was given a honorary shout-out on the PHP Round Table podcast - EP64

Skills and Expertise

Wasseem Khayrattee's skill set is comprehensive, encompassing a wide range of technologies and practices. His expertise spans PHP and WordPress development, web application development, e-commerce solutions, API integrations, web performance optimization, team leadership, and managerial decision-making.

Personal Life

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Beyond his professional pursuits, Wasseem Khayrattee is a minimalist with a creative streak. He is on an adventurous quest to find his "bat-cave" by night, reflecting his curiosity and love for exploration. His passion for interviewing diverse minds fuels his extensive work in the PHP community.


Wasseem Khayrattee's journey from the serene shores of Mauritius to becoming a Senior WordPress Developer and WordPress Hosting Maestro is a narrative of dedication, expertise, and a passion for web development. His enduring impact on the tech community through 7php.com and PHP Mauritius User Group is a source of inspiration and knowledge for fellow developers worldwide. As a "Logo Laureat" and a recognized leader within the PHP community, Wasseem continues to shape the future of web development.

Wasseem Khayrattee believes: "a competitive mind is overrated VS nourishing a creative, empathetic mind".

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ─ Albert Einstein

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